Distance Cord Burning Ceremony

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Distance Cord Burning Ceremony.

Energetic Cord Burnings release us from the old, stagnant, unwanted, draining energy between ourselves and another person and emotions, and gives us the freedom to move forward in our life through self-love. This ceremony will release the energy between you and the person(s) consciously and subconsciously. Cord Burning is highly recommended if you have recently ended a relationship with someone romantic or platonic, to banish unwanted, toxic energy (from people, places and things) and resentment that is holding you back. Call back your energy and power.

This is for those that aren't local. You and I will complete the cord burning ceremony over Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

I supply everything needed for this ceremony.

Included in The Cord Burning Ceremony:

Cord Burning Kit

Ceremonial Cord Burning Herb Rolled Candles and Cord

Hand Crafted Cord Burning Incense

Hand Crafted Cord Burning Ceremony Oil

Handcrafted Tea

Cord Burning Mantra

Tarot, Oracle & Message Card Reading During Ceremony

The Ceremony can take up to 1.5 hours from start to finish.

Once purchase is complete, I will contact you to schedule your ceremony.